PILOT Road Cycling Shoes

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Manufacturing on demand

✅ New model season 2021/2022 ✅ 

  • Pilot Road Cycling Shoes
  • Made of ON Steam fabric. Maximum comfort.
  • New HD50 carbon sole
  • Double Rotary Closure for Optimal Fit

Custom shoes do not accept returns. Both colors and design may vary since there are elements that influence the final result.

If you need help with personalization write to eshop@luck-bike.es

Order and shipping deadlines

New edition of our Pilot Road Shoe model for the 2021/2022 season.

This new Pilot, like its Phantom MTB sister, was created with the aim of becoming the most comfortable shoe in our catalog.

Redesigned from the knowledge acquired by our competition team and with the biomechanical studies that we have carried out during several seasons.

Made with the new On Steam microfiber, the most comfortable we have in our catalog. Without internal seams and with an ergonomic design, the new Pilot will fit your foot like a glove and will provide maximum comfort to the cyclist and support in the most critical areas of the foot, such as the heel, instep and ankle.

New ventilation system in the shoe that, thanks to a studied perforation, allows better perspiration and prevents excessive sweating of the foot.

HD50 carbon fiber sole, rigid and light that allows us to transmit all our power from the foot to the pedal, improving pedaling performance and efficiency and reducing the effort made during pedaling.

Renovated design with reinforcement toe and rear, which protects our feet and cycling shoes from the possible bumps and scratches common on our routes with the bicycle.

Double atop rotary closure that allows you to quickly and with one hand adjust the shoes to the shape of your foot in a simple movement, even on the go and almost without stopping pedaling.

Luck Pilot road cycling shoes, manufactured entirely in Spain, in our facilities.

We use 100% of the environment friendly materials and free of harmful substances.

Made with materials that do not have animal origin, such as skins and we do not use materials that cause animal suffering or exploitation, such as some waxes and oils.