LUCK® is a company that is located in the New Cycling Technologies sector. With more than 25 years of experience in the international cycling sector, we create products and solutions characterized by their innovation and creativity that allow the cyclist to improve his performance and increase his passion for this sport. For this we have a young and experienced team willing to get where the needs of our customers demand.

Now more than ever, we are able to offer sneakers and other products for professional and amateur cycling. Products that stand out for their technology, quality and competitive prices. Our international presence is evident in hundreds of points of sale throughout the world.

Our philosophy is based on attending to the personalized needs of each client, being its technological partner to help you improve the performance of your effort and successfully lead you to the goal. LUCK® is thoroughbred." 

Ofrecemos un sistema a medida del usuario, que transmite la potencia del ciclista a la bici y reduce el riesgo de lesiones.

Juan José Pascual

Luck Cycling Shoes General Manager


Cycling for us represents something much bigger than a company or a brand. We are not a company that creates products according to market trends, LUCK® products are the result of years of cycling with thousands of kilometers on our legs.

This experience results in a constant improvement in the small details, which is what makes us different from other brands. Another big difference is our manufacturing process, since LUCK® shoes are all manufactured in Spain.

Every day we go cycling, obtaining new experiences that allow us to see first hand what the cyclist needs. For that reason, the shoes we manufacture never stop evolving, even overnight. For that reason we take care of quality and details as the first day.

In LUCK® there are things that have been done in a concrete way, and it will always be that way. From pattern design to the latest carbon fiber technology. Everyone's dream is that his work be his passion. We live that dream every day. When we create a new model and take a bike ride, we do something we love." 




2015 YERGA


The manufacture of LUCK® shoes is aimed at a professional athlete who seeks maximum performance. They have been used by the best cyclists of the 90s, winning virtually all competitions.


Perico Delgado

Ernesto Manchón

Ángel Casero

Fernando Escartín


World championship

Vuelta a España

Tour de Francia

Record Time

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