Bidones Ciclismo Bicicleta

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  • Capacity: 500 ml
  • Anti-drip system

Custom shoes do not accept returns. Both colors and design may vary since there are elements that influence the final result.

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Resistant and robust 500 ml Luck Cycling Bottle. The screw cap has an anti-drip system.

The shape of the cap allows a secure grip. Easy to fill and clean.

Bottles for liquids are essential on any mountain or road bike, for cycling, it is very important to be well hydrated.

To transport the drink there is nothing better than cycling cans for the bicycle. The main advantage of jerry cans is that they are cheaper than hydration packs and, if you do not cycle very regularly, they are the best option to carry water or energy drinks.

If you are an expert cyclist and you usually do long distances, it is advisable to carry a pair of supports with drums in the bicycle frame, since on a hot day the body can lose many liters of water since it is very important to maintain good hydration during physical exertion.

During a bicycle excursion you can find sources of water and on these occasions it is important to fill the containers with fresh water whenever possible.