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GALAXY Fluor Skulls 2021-2022

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Galaxy Calaveras Model 2021-22. MTB Shoes.

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Custom shoes do not accept returns. Both colors and design may vary since there are elements that influence the final result.

If you need help with personalization write to eshop@luck-bike.es

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Galaxy Calaveras Model 2021-22

MTB - BTT shoes

New 2021 design of our Super-Sales Galaxy Skulls. New materials, identical character.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired from our competition team and our biomechanical studies, we created a pair of shoes designed to improve the performance of the most demanding cyclists.

Made with high quality microfibers, without internal seams and with a scientifically proven ergonomic design that allows increasing power, resistance and comfort, optimizing the alignment of the hip with the knee and the foot, improving performance and comfort in our Outings on long-distance routes with our MTB.

New perforation that improves the ventilation system in the footwear, optimizing ventilation and allowing perspiration in strategic places to keep our feet cool and dry.

New RC sole, rigid and light that allows us to transmit all our power to the pedal, improving performance, pedaling efficiency and reducing the effort made.

New reinforcement toe and rear, which protects our feet and cycling shoes from the bumps and scratches typical of our mountain walks.

Double rotary closure, which allows you to quickly and with one hand, even while running, the shoes to the shape of your foot, distributing the pressure in an easy and simple way.

Our Galaxy Calaveras MTB cycling shoes are manufactured entirely in Spain, in our own facilities.

We use 100% of the materials that are environmentally friendly and free from harmful substances. In no case do we use materials that come from animals, such as skins, and we do not use materials that cause animal suffering and exploitation, such as some waxes and oils.