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In recent years, spinning has become a whole new movement. It has more and more fans every day and is in great demand in gyms. Spinning is a type of cycling in which you do aerobic, cardiovascular exercise that is perfect for keeping fit and improving muscle tone. Luck spinning shoes fit perfectly to the shape of your foot, so preventing your foot from deforming when you press down on the pedal and allowing you complete freedom of movement, so that you can enjoy every class to the full.

Spinning shoes have EVA or natural rubber soles that give you the necessary flexibility to do all kinds of sports in the gym. Thanks to the flexibility offered by the soles of this kind, you can stand up on the exercise bike with no danger of the sole breaking as you put all your weight on the pedals.

They also allow you to fit SPD cleats, compatible with most pedals used in indoor cycling. These will allow you to pedal more comfortably so avoiding the risk of injuries, as your foot will be in just the right position.

Ideal shoes for indoor cycling, which can also be used for other sports, such as MTB, walking, running or different exercises in the gym with the cleat coupled to the shoe.


  • How do I choose my spinning shoes?

    The most important feature when choosing spinning shoes is the sole. The sole must be flexible so that when you stand up on the bike, your weight is evenly distributed around the shoe and it does not break.

    Another important feature is that the cleats can be recessed into the tread. This option allows you to do other sports in the gym without having to change your shoes. Lastly, spinning shoes must allow your feet to breathe, releasing the sweat produced during indoor cycling.

  • What sort of clips do the spinning shoes have?

    Most spinning shoes have notches for installing SPD cleats. These are the same cleats used in mountain-biking and enable you to connect your shoes to the pedals. This improves your position on the bike, thus avoiding injuries resulting from an incorrect posture and enhancing your performance in the exercises.

  • What are the benefits of using Luck spinning shoes?

    Your position on the bike can help prevent injuries to your knees, ankles and back. The shoes help you maintain a correct position at all times, so preventing your feet from slipping off the pedals. Thanks to the cleats you can fasten your shoes to the pedal, make stronger movements, stand up on the bike and sustain the right posture at all times, so avoiding injuries and improving your down-thrust on the mountain bike.

  • What type of closure do the spinning shoes have?

    The spinning shoes have a lace-up closure system, which enables you to adjust the pressure and fasten the shoes to your feet quickly and comfortably.

  • Spinning shoes for women and for men.

    Choosing a good shoe helps you feel more comfortable, so allowing you to move up a gear when doing exercise.

    These spinning shoes for women and for men are ideal for doing exercise, enabling you to improve your pedal action and supporting your foot properly throughout the session.

    Indoor cycling allows you to burn fat, tone up your lower body, and enjoy pedalling to the rhythm of the music.