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Limited MTB Shoes
2-Limited MTB Shoes
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Limited MTB Shoes.

Price €119.00

Choosing the right cycling shoes is crucial for feeling comfortable on your bike. Buying the wrong shoes can lead to chafing, pain or excess pressure on your feet, which is why at Luck Bike, we help you select the shoes that suit you best and which make each ride a pleasant experience, so that you can feel free and enjoy the route, reaching places you never dreamed you could reach. All of this with a wonderful design that adapts to your preferences.

MTB shoes are the point of union between the cyclist and the bike, the point where the force provided by your leg is transmitted to the pedal-crank transmission unit. It is therefore essential to optimize this process so as to prevent energy loss and avoid any over-exertions or build-up of tension on the part of the cyclist that might develop into injuries.

Optimizing this process does not mean sacrificing either aesthetics or ergonomics, another fundamental feature of Luck mountain biking shoes. The different materials, fastening systems, reinforcements, soles and colours offer a wide variety of options for all uses and tastes.

We also offer you the chance to fully customize your cycling shoes in terms of materials and colours and above all in terms of lasts, wedges and corrections.

We also offer you the chance to fully customize your cycling shoes in terms of materials and colours and above all in terms of lasts, wedges and corrections.

The shoes provide extra quality, precision and safety when doing sport. You know you'll be grateful in the medium and long term.


  • MTB mountain-biking shoes

    All cyclists, professional or amateur, should discover the benefits of using cycling shoes, which will enhance your performance on the bike and look after your body while you're pedalling.

    With a comfortable, pleasant design, our shoes offer you a wonderful sensation of freedom, allowing you to enjoy your ride, reaching places you never dreamed you could reach.

  • What type of sole do the MTB shoes have?

    These are special shoes with a cleat on the sole to fasten your foot directly to the pedal of the bike. Thanks to their latest-generation carbon soles, you can transfer all your power efficiently, enhancing your performance and reducing the effort you have to make when riding your bike.

  • What are the benefits of MTB shoes?

    Your position on the bike can help prevent injuries to your knees, ankles and back. The shoes help you maintain a correct position at all times, so preventing your feet from slipping off the pedals. Thanks to the cleats you can anchor your shoes to the pedal, make stronger movements, stand up on the bike and sustain the right posture at all times, so avoiding injuries and improving your down-thrust on the mountain bike.

  • Do you make MTB shoes for people with wide feet?

    Luck has eight types of last for customers with wide feet, and you can choose the one that fits you best to create your own personalized shoes. The last used in our standard shoes is slightly wider than that used in the main brands of cycling shoes, which makes your feet feel more comfortable and allows them to breathe more easily.

  • How do you clean MTB shoes?

    The best way to clean MTB shoes is to brush off any mud accumulated during cycle rides with a dry brush. Once you have done this, you can clean off any remaining dirt with a damp cloth with soap and water.